Widening satellite possibilities through virtual hubs for ISP, equipping organisations with the ability to share communication easily and efficiently.
Private Maritime Network

There is a growing need for satellite solutions at sea as constant connectivity becomes the norm for consumers and businesses. Our dynamic neXat platform is a complete OSS/BSS, carrier-grade, fully redundant platform which allows operators to easily outsource satellite services and value-added services across the Maritime sector.

The neXat platform provides unrivalled satellite connectivity, offering multi-beam services to vendor-agnostic maritime VSAT antennas ensuring round the clock connectivity and the highest service availability. This high-performance multi-beam service architecture is made available through interface protocols that ensure seamless handoff between satellites.

The commercial shipping industry can connect to the neXat platform to access satellite capacity in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, the coasts of Africa, and most parts of Asia. This means that connectivity providers to the maritime sector can operate and attract new customers in new geographical markets.

For the private and leisure boating industry, neXat offers in EMEA unique pre-paid voucher services via neXat as an affordable connectivity option for boats of any size featuring antennas as small as 60cm in diameter. The prepaid vouchers – sold to boat or yacht users by local services providers and systems integrators that are specialized in the maritime sector, gives seafarers satellite-based internet capacity that includes full automatization of electronic payment. It allows private boat owners the opportunity to add internet capacity for the boating season, giving them the ability to fit their data use to their needs.

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Equipping the oil and gas industry with effective communication

neXat offers low-cost IP access services by satellite, targeting the Oil & Gas market with specific service offerings tailored to the complex industry needs.

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