Internet connections established through satellite solutions for government-run organisations - the public sector, schools, post offices and more.
Private Government Network

Satellite communications are an increasingly crucial tool for effective defence, security, humanitarian and emergency response and diplomatic communications. neXat's valued combination of innovative services, successful operational experience, and industry knowledge means we’re able to provide the security, resilience and flexibility needed for Government communications. 

We have successfully implemented private networks for national institutions, connecting multiple sites – including remote locations – with secure and resilient satellite communications. Our networks provide end-to-end IPSec for the customers’ VPN, and our implementation includes design, installation and 3-year servicing. 

Services include secured payments, enterprise application software, and an intranet. Our proprietary cloud-based service platform is an ESA-backed application which is currently adding increased security and resiliency features.

Case Study

Bringing e-learning to remote schools in Africa

neXat's complete and innovative solution for e-learning brings education in a seamless way to the most remote schools in Africa.

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