Reach More Communities



Reach More Communities

Enhanced Accessibility

Get easy access to any kind of satellite service at the best price

Virtual Operation

Manage your network of customers as a virtual operator without having to invest in your own infrastructure

Full Suite of Tools

Quickly access online tools for service monitoring, online payment and billing

How we work

Build your business

Low Risk

No need for large commitments or investments in infrastructure. We provide the tools, you use them as your own - no penalties and no risk.

Complete Solution

We provide an end-to-end flexible solution that can adapt to a range of customers’ needs, quickly and easily. With 24/7 support, you've got technical expertise on-hand.


Why neXat?

Teleports connected
ISPs worldwide
Satellites connected

A single universal portal. Full control, with no commitments and no penalties

For tech entrepreneurs or market specialists, neXat offers a consolidated connectivity solution, run through a single portal regardless of hardware, frequency or provider.
Thanks to our business model that increases competition in the satellite capacity market, neXat offers the best value for money.

ISP customers access flexibility and reliability without compromise

In choosing neXat, customers can access flexibility, scalability, and reliability without compromise.

ISP customers access flexibility and reliability without compromise

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