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Governments and Enterprises

Sourcing Your Perfect Provider

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Get easy access to secure satellite services at competitive prices

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Full range of connectivity services, available globally

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neXat offers 24/7 local and global technical support

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Our carrier-grade platform offers full redundancy together with a complete range of service management & monitoring tools.

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Not a connectivity expert? No problem. We’ll help you choose the best solution from a vast range of services and technologies, including custom solutions.

Governments and Enterprises

Why neXat?

Teleports connected
ISPs worldwide
Satellites connected

Reliable satellite connectivity from a trusted provider

Built to be a secure, reliable and superior service at all levels, neXat puts you in control of powerful tools to accurately manage and monitor usage.
The secure neXat platform has been developed with the support of the European Space Agency. Security, resilience, redundancy and superior service all come as standard.

Bringing e-learning to remote schools in Africa

neXat's complete and innovative solution for e-learning brings education in a seamless way to the most remote schools in Africa.

Bringing e-learning to remote schools in Africa

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