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Teleports & Hub Operators

Optimise Your Capacity

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Instantly offer worldwide coverage to your customers, without investment

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Our universal technology works independently of any existing technology platforms

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Get instantaneous access to worldwide capacity and infrastructure

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Do More, Gain More

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Access a suite of powerful tools to efficiently build, manage and monitor your own network.

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Start growing profits quickly through diversification.

Teleports & Hub Operators

Why neXat?

Teleports connected
ISPs worldwide
Satellites connected

Competitive advantage through neXat delivers maximum value to your customers.

For teleport and hub operators, neXat creates value by facilitating easy, risk-free access to new markets.
The neXat platform automates money collection.

Equipping the oil and gas industry with effective communication

neXat offers low-cost IP access services by satellite, targeting the Oil & Gas market with specific service offerings tailored to the complex industry needs.

Equipping the oil and gas industry with effective communication

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