Oil & Gas / Mining

Technology solutions for the oil, gas and mining industry ensure effective global communication, especially in remote areas.
SCPC Solutions for Oil & Gas / Mining

As Oil & Gas and Mining exploration and exploitation involves a number of players along an articulated value chain, neXat understands the vital role that communication plays in ensuring cost-effective operations. Added to the complexity is the often-remote locations of sites. 

neXat has developed solutions to answer the communication needs of the Oil & Gas and Mining industries, both in terms of equipment and service. Through our proprietary service delivery platform we can design new services to respond to the specific requirements of users. Our tailor-made, customizable packages offer a variety of capacity, volume and contention associated services.                  

Our Private Networks offer flexibility in a constantly changing environment and real-time information sharing for remote employees and our low-cost IP access services by satellite include specific service offerings tailored to the needs of the complex industries.

Case Study

Establishing remote connection for mining facilities in West Africa

We enabled effective communication between remote West African mining facilities and their corporate office.

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