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neXat offers low-cost IP access services by satellite, targeting the Oil & Gas market with specific service offerings tailored to the complex industry needs.

SatADSL offers low-cost IP access services by satellite, targeting the Oil & Gas market with specific service offerings tailored to the needs of the complex industry. As Oil & Gas exploration and exploitation involves a number of players along an articulated value chain, SatADSL understands the vital role that communication plays in ensuring a cost effective operation. SatADSL has developed and integrated a number of solutions answering the communication needs of the Oil & Gas sector, both in terms of equipment and service.

Key Features


SatADSL designs tailor made service plans customized to each client’s specific needs. Our packages offer a variety of capacity, volume and contention associated with additional services (VPN, VoIP, etc.), all to serve this industry best.For smaller sites where only a few workstations need to be connected mainly for transactional traffic,SatADSL offers a very cost effective solution.

Whether it’s a sub-contractor involved in minor activities that needs a relatively small   bandwidth for transactional traffic generating small data volumes or simply a site where volume can be kept under control, our high quality solution is our Business services offering unlimited volume with Fair Usage Policy. Business services are offered from 256/64Kbps up to 6Mbps/1Mbps with monthly volumes ranging between few Gbytes to 60Gbytes. SatADSL can always design customised service packs to satisfy specific user needs.


Our solution established a Private Network between new remote exploration sites and European HQ as well as the regional HQ in Accra. It enabled the real-time sharing of information between all locations for improved decision-making, bypassing unreliable local Telco networks. All communications between remote sites, regional quarter and headquarters are secured through VPN tunnelling using private IP addresses and traffic encryption.INNOVATION: The remote sites have to function as an extension of their corporate network. Employees in these remote sites have to run essential business tools, especially SAP, as well as transfer large data files and access the Internet for emails and web browsing.


SatADSL can offer services on the whole sub-Saharan Africa including the Gulf of Guinea, the coastal areas along Angola, Namibia and South Africa up to around 200Km from the shore, the east coast from South Africa to North Mozambique and then up to the Gulf of Zanzibar up to south SomaliaSatADSL is extending its coverage by adding additional satellites to its fleet and starting early 2015 will allow service in Northern East Africa (Sudan, Somalia Ethiopia, Eritrea, south Egypt) including Gulf of Aden and most of Red Sea up to the area of Quseer (Egypt). Madagascar including Comores and Mayotte, Reunion and most of the Channel of Mozambique will also be covered.


SatADSL is capable, thanks to its proprietary Service Delivery Platform, to design new services to respond to the specific requirements of users in the Oil & Gas sector. The standard Newtec Sat3Play terminal SAT2200 is composed of an MDM2200 modem, and an outdoor unit (ODU) including a 1m or 1,2m antenna and an integrated receiver/ transmitter called iLNB. Easy to install, this standard terminals is very well suited for smaller sites with a limited number of users behind the terminal and data rate requirements limited to 512Kbps in the uplink. A maritime version of such a set up is also available using the KNS A12 Antenna.

For larger sites, where a more powerful modem and higher data rates are required, SatADSL proposes the SAT3100 equipment composed of an MDM3100 modem, a 1,2m or 1,8m antenna, a standard LNB and a 4W BUC. The MDM3100 modem can also work with off-the-shelf antenna and LNB/BUC provided they are type approved by the satellite operator. For maritime applications SatADSL has already installed the MDM3100 with the KNS Z12MK2 fully tracking antenna. This is the ideal solution for larger ships that need to ensure continuous connection of a LAN with more than 10-15 working stations. Depending on the degree of mobility required, SatADSL can offer various solutions in conjunction to the MDM3100 modem for the maritime, mobile and transportable markets.

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