ISP customers access flexibility and reliability without compromise

In choosing neXat, customers can access flexibility, scalability, and reliability without compromise.


Internet service providers (ISPs) have specific requirements and in the case of a global ISP, scalability, flexibility, and reliability are the criteria that inform which networking solutions will be suitable for their business needs. Further to this, ISP customers often require satellite connectivity in remote regions without access to fiber, where no mobile solution is available either.

The situation calls for a solution that isn't exorbitant in price and offers standardised services with the ability to match the pace of change in the industry. Beyond this, ISPs require a single portal to consolidate technology, frequency, and provide service across the globe that can streamline the billing and payment collection process.


ISPs are frequently dissatisfied with the lack of flexibility from existing providers and the heavy financial commitments that prove to be a barrier to success in a sustainable business. On top of the fragmented nature of their market, ISPs consistently struggle to deal with the challenging nature of the international banking environment and difficulties associated with the lack of control or influence over the legislation that affects it. These issues are exacerbated by the difficulties encountered in collecting payment from end users, jeopardising the business at its bottom line.

The Solution

neXat proved to be the perfect solution to tackle these issues. neXat can offer a platform that allows for quick and easy adoption of their reseller model and the impressive margins it generates. The platform manages to totally avoid the large capital investment typically associated with such services meaning there is minimal financial risk to speak of and no penalties either.

neXat makes it possible for a customer to build their business by setting their own pricing and branding while simultaneously offering them a professional customer platform that handles all services and monitoring in one place. neXat also offers ISPs a way to construct a billing process through pre-paid vouchers allowing for a strategy that ensures money is collected upfront.

neXat works independently from the technology it interfaces with, as it’s hardware agnostic which allows for user technology to be reused, making it incredibly dynamic. It receives continuous updates to ensure that it remains at the cutting edge of what the industry is capable of, meaning ISP customer will continue to see the benefits associated with this quality well into the future.

ISPs are frequently responsible for end users who have either a single site, multi-site operations or a combination of both and may be required to handle activities including installation or other on-site interventions. However, with neXat an ISP is able to handle management remotely. This means that for the purposes of activation, suspension, and monitoring an ISP does not require an onsite presence.

Long term success

As a company built on considerable international satellite expertise, neXat is able to offer both commercial and technical support to ensure the platform continues to operate smoothly, with training and equipment all included in their neXat service.

In choosing neXat, customers can access flexibility, scalability, and reliability without compromise. The fact that this is possible without large scale upfront investment or risk of penalties is an incredibly attractive prospect and neXat has delivered on its promise.

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