December 20, 2022

Continuing the growth and development in the first full year under the neXat brand

Thank you for joining us in our first full year under the neXat brand. We’ve had an exciting year, filled with interesting and rewarding projects, from providing interconnectivity across Guyana to supplying an oil field in the Ghanaian sea with satellite internet connection to keep staff in constant communication.

We really look forward to seeing what 2023 has in-store for us.

Looking back at 2022

This year we were joined by our new president, Alexander Oudendijk, who’s 30 years’ experience in the satellite industry, including more than eight years as Chief Commercial Officer at SES ASTRA will help neXat realise its mission of creating a ‘Network of Satellite Networks’ and broaden the commercial impact of the company worldwide.

We’re pleased to have seen a return back to normality in 2022 with more face-to-face events taking place. This year, we have attended and given talks at some of the industry’s biggest conventions and events, including SATELLITE 2022, SatelliteCongress Brazil, Mobility Connectivity Conference, and APSCC. We also held our10(+1!) year anniversary celebration at this year’s IBC.

We also partnered with Eutelsat Advance network this year, to give connectivity providers worldwide better choice, wider coverage, and greater flexibility through the creation of a new global satellite network of Point-of-Presence (PoP) interconnections. This was a significant step for the neXat platform in our journey toward establishing ‘The Network of Satellite Networks’; we now have capacity available throughout more than 35 satellites on our eMarketplace.

One of neXat’s most impacting projects this year was providing scientists at a Ukrainian research base in Antarctica with better access to connectivity options. There isn't a town within 1,000 nautical miles of the base, so the ability to contact the world beyond the base is essential.

As well as aiding their studies, the scientists are also able to keep in contact with loved ones at home, having an extremely positive impact on their welfare.

Welfare at remote locations, as well as in mission critical situations, is a key consideration. It ensures that crews, soldiers, and workers are able to speak to loved ones, access entertainment and keep their morale up. We are proud to have deployed welfare communication systems in conflict zones.

Setting our sites offshore for 2023

2022 has seen the increasing demand for internet connectivity at sea. neXat has continued to work within the maritime sector to provide both the commercial shipping industry, and the private and leisure boat industry with better connection offshore. neXat has even bigger plans for 2023… more info to come soon!

Heading into 2023, we also aim to see more delivery of low earth orbit (LEO) within our flagship platform. 2022 has been filled with promises and planning, but 2023will see the delivery and its benefits.

The momentum we’ve gained this year will continue in 2023 as we aim to continue offering services for civil security and governmental users by aiming to become a SatCom Orchestration platform. This comes at a time when civil security is of high interest within Europe.

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