A cost-effective Money Transfer solution in Cameroon

neXat has designed a cost effective Money Transfer solution for an established Money Transfer Company (MTC) in Cameroon.

neXat designed a solution for Express Union, the leading money transfer company in Cameroon that wanted to launch a low-cost service for domestic transactions. Money Transfer Company (MTC) offering the services of major US Money Transfer Operators (MTOs), faced expensive fees, even when transferring small amounts within the country.

The cost could be as much as 10 to 15% of the amount to be transferred. In this context, the MTC soon took the initiative to launch a lower cost service dedicated to national transactions. This low-cost service was quickly attracting a lot of customers, encouraging Express Union to set up a physical presence in remote and rural areas.

The company faced connectivity challenges due to the unreliable terrestrial network. The traditional VSAT system was reliable but too expensive for cost-effective deployment. neXat designed a solution to overcome these issues. The branches of Express Union are now transferring money through wire transfers which are secure, in real-time, and at a lower cost.

There are over one hundred branches in Cameroon equipped with wire transferring, enabling the secured execution on a real time basis of every transaction from a large and scattered network.

Key features of the Money Transfer Solution


Transactions are performed securely through an SSL/https web-based application. This application specifically required us to provide excellent latency, surpassing other competing satellites services.


neXat can offer a unique feature consisting of the prioritisation of business-critical transactions: a predefined amount of bandwidth is marked as high-priority for pre-defined applications, which guarantees that these transactions will always go through, whatever congestion the network can experience at any given moment.


Very affordable solution on both CAPEX and OPEX, especially as compared to traditional radio local loop systems, which need costly mast and radio systems.


Very high performance in terms of reliability, even during rain conditions thanks to ACM technology (Adaptive Code Modulation).Scalability: Once the solution has been successfully tested in one location, it can be deployed very rapidly all over the country and even over the African continent for the same low CAPEX and OPEX cost (several hundreds installation per month).


neXat can offer the bank network manager full visibility over the satellite connections to the bank’s ATM terminals.

Implementation of the Money Transfer Solution

This lower cost service dedicated to national transactions quickly attracted many customers. However, to access their clients’ money, the company needed to establish a physical presence in a large number of remote or rural locations. These branches cannot be connected to the terrestrial networks. Classic VSAT systems are too expensive for small or medium branches and do not enable cost-effective rollout over a large network. Consequently, branches and headquarters of the company were forced to rely on a very time-consuming and error-prone paper based system to record each transaction.

neXat's cost effective Money Transfer solution enables secure, real time money transfers from a large and scattered network of branches. A satellite service company in Cameroon asked neXat, on behalf of this MTC, to test the service with equipment installed in a remote office for a longer, real-life test. The three months period of extensive testing proved to be successful. neXat's service enabled the safe and real time execution of every financial transaction. Consequently the MTC decided to roll out the solution.

As a result, the MTC has boosted the deployment of its office network, thanks to neXat service. Today, more than 100 branches have been equipped in little more than one year. The MTC is pursuing the rollout in over 220 of its existing offices scattered across Cameroon and is starting deployment in surrounding countries.

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