January 22, 2021

Wrapping up 2020, SatADSL Ends a Year of Expansion with More Growth in its New Year Crosshairs

Dear Partners and Colleagues,

As the year draws to a close, it seems fitting to reflect on rising to the challenges of 2020 and our plans moving forward. It’s safe to say SatADSL has adapted to the new circumstances confidently and thrived, all while remaining true to our vision of delivering out of this world connectivity in 2020.  We’re proud of what we have achieved together.

Whilst many of the physical events that we had the pleasure of attending last year didn’t take place in 2020, we’ve been keeping very busy and had some real milestone moments along the way.

For a quick rundown of the big highlights, this year we’ve seen our company:

  • Expand to the Americas
  • Add security layers to the C-SDP, readying it for larger projects and government & defence applications
  • Adopt a new workspace

Expansion into The Americas

This year we took another big step and successfully branched out to the American continent and installed a new PoP in Orlando, Florida. This is a huge step for us and it’s already granting fuller access to the Americas, all with a view to replicating our previous success in Europe and Africa. This remains part of our vision to bring continent-to-continent connectivity to the world, following the PoP installed in Singapore. A Marlink teleport was the first to be connected to the new PoP and we’ve already partnered with Andesat, a Latin American teleport operator, to bring affordable connectivity to the Spanish-speaking South American world.

We're expanding into America

C-SDP adds security layers

We are now poised to enter the new year and new markets thanks to increased security for our flagship platform – a significant development in the eyes of our customers who have been asking specifically for this. Funding from the European Space Agency and the ARTES programme is supporting development of the platform that will keep us at the forefront of our industry and at the cutting edge of technology within it. The enhancement of our C-SDP into next year will enable us to offer a convincing service to governmental, military and corporate sectors.

New Offices

We have moved to a new home! The pandemic has been a real catalyst for change and life at SatADSL has been no exception. The new flexible work environment, provided by a top-notch service provider, is an opportunity for us to exercise our philosophy of dynamism and will complement our current telework activities nicely. Hopefully, it will allow us to reduce travel time (and carbon emissions) and just generally make life easier in a post pandemic world. We’ve shown what we’re capable of and proved how well we operate remotely. This 2020 development means we now have the option to make huge efficiencies in our activities.

We've moved to a co-working space in Brussels

Looking Forward

Our work of connecting teleports and becoming the go to marketplace for bandwidth continues. We want to continue to disrupt the conservative CAPEX-based world of satellite services with our PaaS model and lead the industry toward collaborative satellite solutions.

We want to give a special thank you to our incredible international team for weathering the storm and adapting so quickly. You have made it possible for us to deliver our solutions to more people than ever before, in more places than ever before, during a very challenging time.

We want to wish each of our partners and customers a very Merry Christmas indeed, and raise a glass to a prosperous new year! We look forward to a 2021 in which we can continue to bring the magic of satellite connectivity to the world.

Happy Holidays and have a great new year!

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