January 4, 2021

We're Finalists at the World Teleport Association 2019

Today’s technological landscape is one of constantly rising connectivity demands and ever-changing technology. Universal connectivity is no longer a pipe-dream, but instead a global requirement of connectivity providers who must deliver their services urgently and efficiently.

SatADSL’s first appearance at SATELLITE 2019 coincides with its recent confirmation as a finalist in the Teleport Technology of the Year category in the World Teleport Association Awards 2019 for its Cloud-based Service Delivery Platform (C-SDP). SatADSL will mark the occasion by showcasing its first-of-a-kind Cloud-based Service Delivery Platform (C-SDP) at the show. The C-SDP is aimed at operators looking to diversify and increase the profitability of their operations in both new and existing global markets.  

For teleport operators, the investment needed to provide easy-to-use satellite services often comes with a prohibitive price tag. If operators want to utilize satellite technology to the fullest, they are also faced with the prospect of uncertain ROI, vendor lock-in and the uncertainty created by the rapid rate at which the satellite market and technology are changing.

Platform as a service offering

Attendees at SATELLITE 2019, including teleport operators looking to capitalize on the satellite market, will witness SatADSL’s C-SDP Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution which provides a complete OSS/BSS, carrier-grade, fully redundant platform via the cloud, allowing operators to outsource their services.

As a PaaS solution, C-SDP enables operators to deliver satellite-based connectivity without committing to a high CapEx in physical infrastructure, therefore avoiding the traditional challenges often experienced when venturing in to the satellite connectivity market.

The platform offers a comprehensive range of services, coupled with a number of significant advantages:

  • Fast time to market and quick implementation, no upfront investment and reduced Operational Expenditure (OpEx).
  • Flexible white label capability through aggregation of multiple satellite operators. C-SDP also operates on all bands (Ku, C and Ka) and is technology-agnostic.
  • Network is future-proof, with SatADSL continuously increasing its portfolio of solutions in line with the latest technologies to ensure cutting-edge services.

This is achieved by pre-configured, redundant routers which enable the operator to connect its hub to the C-SDP through redundant optical fiber links. Operators then choose how much Virtual Network Operator (VNO) capacity to sell and define their service packages portfolio and tariffs. SatADSL configures and implements this portfolio, along with online payment tools. SatADSL also provides the tools to manage and monitor the VNO bandwidth, as well as technical support.

Reaping the benefits

With the C-SDP in place, operators can extend their hubs’ capabilities to offer any kind of services on a hub, (contended, volume based, VNO, vouchers, etc.) whatever the technology (iDirect, Newtec, etc.). There are many kinds of service profile that are enabled by the C-SDP. Classical Services include dedicated capacity and contended services, while Packaged Services include pre-paid vouchers based on time, volume or both. Meanwhile, multi-casting and Virtual Network (VNO Flex) are available for VSAT networks.

C-SDP also includes the ground-breaking Customer Management Tool, a role-based hierarchical cloud application that allows operators to monitor and manage customers and reseller networks. Full control of remote equipment and services allows operators to activate, suspend and manage services for customer terminals at all times, while resellers can access a detailed dashboard for high-quality, first level support.

Thanks to SatADSL’s worldwide network of hubs, this can be done on any available capacity, optimizing bandwidth management. The built-in Customer Management Tool (CMT) – available as a white label service for operators and their resellers – is also included. This allows payments via pre-paid vouchers on an online portal, improving money collection.

There’s no investment or risk and payment is guaranteed, with billing being handled by SatADSL. In its mission to connect to as many teleports as possible, SatADSL acts as a broker for services. The capacity that is readily available can be resold by SatADSL’s ISPs and partner teleports through the C-SDP. This suits the majority of teleports who have excess capacity and are looking for an outlet to monetise it. SatADSL currently connects to 29 different capacity providers – 18 teleports with coverage already on 29 satellites. This means that there are already 29 different possibilities for capacity to be resold in this way.

New market penetration      

C-SDP also enables new markets to be addressed. By leveraging SatADSL’s network of resellers, operators using the C-SDP can sell their satellite capacity across 36 Sub-Saharan countries via 80 local ISPs. Furthermore, because operators are sharing the same platform, they can sell and buy capacity to and from each other, monetizing their extra capacity. Operators can broaden their resellers network and open the door to extra revenue. Cost savings are also achieved by connecting to the C-SDP through the high automatization of services it provides as production costs are reduced.  

An additional option is to access the SatADSL’s Hotspot Management System which lets remote hotspot networks be configured, managed and monitored through the cloud. This allows local operators to offer end-users billable or free of charge top up vouchers for volume or duration. These deployments typically include schools, post offices, service stations, banks and ATMs, shopping centers and hotels.

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