August 3, 2021

Virtualizing Teleport Operations: A Case Study - SatADSL’s Virtual OSS/BSS platform neXat to optimize capacity of operators

For teleport operators in a competitive industry, dynamic and innovative solutions are needed to answer questions like “how do I generate more revenues without having to invest?” and “what can I do to make my hubs more profitable?”.

In this cutting-edge webinar, don’t miss the opportunity to watch leading teleport operators and satellite industry innovators discuss how new approaches to managing satellite capacity and optimizing hub capabilities can unlock new business models to quickly generate new revenue and deliver new services to customers without the need for them to incur additional capital expenditure.

This WTA webinar offers a case study of a virtualized operating platform for teleports – neXat – and a look at the benefits, implementation obstacles and potential long-term impact on operating models. Long the foundation of IT and telecom services, virtualization technology is rapidly transforming how teleports and satellites operate, their operational costs, and their revenues.


Robert Bell, Executive Director, WTA


Fulvio Sansone, co-Founder & CTO, SatADSL

Olivier Gommes, Director Technology & Innovation, Marlink Enterprise

Adrian Redfern, Product Manager, AXESS Networks EMEA

Stuart Daughtridge, Vice President Advanced Technology, Kratos

Watch the summary below or the full webinar here.

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