January 25, 2022

A new image for the future of satellite services

A new image for the future of satellite services

SatADSL is growing. Over the last year, we’ve upped our tally of connected teleports to more than 15, including a high-profile agreement with Telespazio Brazil to open the country’s connectivity market. We’ve also expanded our physical Points of Presence (PoPs) to the Americas region, and are adding security layers to our flagship cloud PaaS – making it more attractive and high-end for satellite operators, large teleports and government customers who need extra safeguards.

An evolving business needs an identity that reflects its progress, success, and – in the case of SatADSL – its unique position in its market. That’s why we’re proudly introducing our new look, complete with a new logo, dynamic new website, and revitalised branding of our flagship cloud platform.

Marking our market territory

A lot has changed since we started SatADSL in 2011. The beginning of our journey – born out of an ESA study on delivering satcoms to developing countries – started as IP service providers to sub-Saharan Africa. Today, we’re a globally active aggregator of high-end satellite services, operating in four continents and connecting more than 15 teleports and 25 satellites.

Our new corporate identity announces our intent to continue carving out our territory in the competitive and evolving satellite market. It solidifies our unique position in the market as the aggregator of high-end satellite services and as a marketplace, via our cloud services platform, for satellite capacity provision. It is the identity the market will recognise as the disruptors of the conservative CAPEX-based world of satellite services with our PaaS model and leaders for the industry towards collaborative satellite solutions.

Introducing neXat

neXat is our newly rebranded flagship virtual OSS/BSS platform. neXat opens new markets for teleport and satellite operators by enabling them to sell satellite capacity and offers monetizable customised satellite services and extended hub capabilities.

Our branding refresh isn’t all that’s new. Last year, we started the developments to upgrade the security, redundancy, and resiliency layers of the platform with backing from the European Space Agency (ESA) to give government agencies and corporates the confidence they need for projects and operations. It also supports the positioning of SatADSL in the high-end satellite service business and give a competitive advantage to teleports. A unique secured and resilient PaaS service can improve their own service offering to their customers, while monetizing their satellite capacity with new customers.

We are also developing an eCommerce feature for neXat – enhancing our status as the marketplace for satellite bandwidth– which will allow customers, ISPs, and teleport and satellite operators to request quotations and place bandwidth orders.


We’re committed to making your world a more connected place. As the world around us changes in the blink of an eye, we remain flexible, forward-thinking and focused on developing a platform and offerings to benefit teleport and hub operators, satellite operators, government and defence, and ISPs. We’re committed to disrupting the industry and helping teleports connect to one another, ISPs deliver to underserved locations – and be your local continent-to-continent satellite services provider.

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