September 17, 2021

SatADSL achieves shortlist for ESA contest

SatADSL shortlisted for the ESA’s new Space Market Challenge

SatADSL have been invited to deliver a five minute pitch to European Space Agency delegates during the Industrial Policy Evolution Working Group meeting after being successfully shortlisted in the Global Space Market Challenge, as part of the downstream group. The pitch will be the final stage of assessment before three winners in this category are chosen.

SatADSL, the only Belgian company on the shortlist, have been selected on their technical merit but also the credibility of their services to their target markets. The selection process also accounted for the suitability of their implementation plans and the skills, experience and resources that SatADSL have built so far. This shortlisting speaks to SatADSL’s success thus far in achieving the vision of boosting the business of satellite communication and highlights the strength of the flagship neXat platform.

The real reward is the friends we made along the way

The Global Space Market Challenge was recently launched by the ESA in conjunction with European non-profit EURISY and 15 national space agencies. The project has sponsorship from various space-centric venture capital funds including Seraphim Capital and Primo Space and aims to highlight SMEs with active internationalisation goals, developing their solutions for markets outside of the European Union and the ESA’s existing member states.

The other shortlist candidates that have made the grade alongside SatADSL are A.U.G Signals Ltd, Detektia Earth Surface Monitoring S.L. EOMAP, Latitudo 40 S.R.L. and Satsense Solutions Ltd.  The challenge hopes to support these European space industry SMEs and improve their access to funding and information and develop their network of contacts all while providing an opportunity to demonstrate their expertise and services around the world.

The final stage

The next phase in the challenge will involve a further shortlist, this time with only three companies from the downstream group selected following the pitches that will be delivered to the ESA on September 28th. Should SatADSL be selected they will be presented alongside two other winners to the ESA’s Director General for nomination and a victory among these companies would serve as a springboard into further international markets.

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