January 4, 2021

Revolutionising Call Centres

No more latency or delay on the lines! Call centers can now benefit from the revolutionary SatADSL technology that is just as efficient as fiber and cellular technology. And the cost is divided by eight!

The SatADSL satellite solution is changing the world of telecommunications, especially the call center industry. This solution combines three components: the SatADSL satellite connectivity, completely customizable to the client’s needs; the revolutionary compressor developed by the Belgian company World Telecom Labs (WTL) that reduces the necessary satellite capacity; and the Nixxis network, a software provider specialized in call center solutions.

The WTL technology reduces the VoIP bit rate (transporting voice over the Internet) by eight. How? By concentrating what is usually conveyed over up to 120 terrestrial telephone lines in a single satellite telephone line, and by getting rid of “silences”. Put simply, every microsecond between spoken words that is not used during a telephone conversation is erased and immediately attributed to another telephone conversation.

The immediate effect of this innovating technology: the price decreases eightfold! Rates start from around 15 euros per satellite line, making the prices of SatADSL particularly competitive. More advantages: the SatADSL solution can be implemented in as little as three weeks and is far more efficient than cellular or terrestrial options; the call center could be set up anywhere—even in the most remote and rural areas; the SatADSL technical support team provides assistance, without an intermediary, 24 hours a day and has the technical competence to solve issues in real-time. The three SatADSL cornerstones are flexibility, custom-made, and performance!

Make the digital divide a thing of the past

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