January 4, 2021

Office Move to Agile Co-Working Space

SatADSL’s flexible and forward-thinking approach to providing connectivity is embodied by our flagship cloud-based platform, our dynamic service offerings, and our global footing as a one-of-a-kind connectivity services provider.

This philosophy of dynamism that keeps us ahead of the curve will now be integrated into our working habits as we switch to a mobile, teleworking format.

Recognizing the benefits of teleworking, SatADSL is moving from its offices the Chaussée de Wavre through-fare in southeast Brussels and will rent a new office space from shared workspace company Spaces, located nearby to our old office in Auderghem. Spaces offers a selection of refined, shared workspaces and flexible offices.

We will occupy our own private offices and have access to all meeting rooms and shared facilities such as lobby areas at Spaces’ Brussels location.

We will also have access to Spaces’ Brussel's location as well as Regus Group’s – worldwide locations, including offices across Africa, Asia and Latin American, as well as Europe, giving us a truly global reach and allowing to meet with our local partners. We’ll also continue to telework, as we have been doing during the pandemic.

This will be a perfect solution for SatADSL as our current staff are already based in five different countries, and as we continue our expansion into Asia and the Americas.

Splitting our time between teleworking and the shared office space will cut travel time company-wide, putting time in our pockets that would otherwise be spent commuting. We’ll also cut our carbon-emissions and cut the amount of resources used up running a private office space.

We believe the flexibility awarded by a teleworking model will allow us to better allocate time and resources, which will turn benefit our partners and customers as we develop our offerings – like the Cloud-service Delivery Platform (C-SDP), which is currently being enhanced with added layers of resilience and security for applicability to government and military operations. We’ll also be able to enhance our international availability and streamline and consolidate our workforce.

Make the digital divide a thing of the past

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