September 15, 2022

neXat Senior VP APAC wins Indian government-recognised award

Senior Vice President APAC Rajeev Nair who has won the ‘Indian Achiever’s Award’ at the Indian Achievers Forum, a Government of India-recognised award.

The award celebrates the trailblazing efforts of its recipients in their respective professional fields. It also highlights the achievements of these individuals despite any hurdles or a lack of resources early in life.

Throughout his time with neXat, and in his wider career, Rajeev has opened up new markets in Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia & Australia for satellite related services.

“Winning this award is a huge achievement to me and I am extremely grateful. I have always enjoyed my work and I love to make new contacts who then become friends, which has driven me to continuously deliver results, and it is such a great feeling to be recognised for this. I have managed to stay motivated throughout my career thanks to everyone who has helped me on my journey”, said Rajeev.

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