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March 17, 2021

World’s first satellite capacity aggregator unveils new look cloud platform neXat

Press release

Brussels, Belgium, 16th March 2021 - Provider of innovative satellite connectivity services SatADSL has revealed its rebranded flagship cloud services platform owing to a range of new implemented and planned features. The platform, now called neXat, offers a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that opens new markets for teleport, hub, and satellite operators to sell unused satellite capacity and offers monetizable customised satellite services and extended hub capabilities.

neXat –previously known as the Cloud-based Service Delivery Platform (C-SDP) – allows satellite, teleport, and hub operators to offer the full range of SatADSL value-added services to their own clients. It offers classical and packaged satellite connectivity services, with customer management, monitoring, billing, and online payments. The platform also facilitates the sale of teleport and hub operators’ bulk Virtual Network Operator (VNO) capacity by providing all the tools to their clients for them to manage the VNO capacity themselves.

SatADSL is currently enhancing neXat security, redundancy, and resiliency features in the frame of a contract with the European Space Agency (ESA). The added security makes it more attractive to large teleports, Governments, and large enterprises with stringent safeguarding requirements. SatADSL is also developing an e-commerce feature which will allow customers, ISPs, and teleport and satellite operators to request quotations and place bandwidth orders. SatADSL is also securing patent ownership of the cloud-based satellite services technology.

“neXat is core to our distinct offering to our partners and customers. Our patent ownership of the technology secures our unique position in a competitive industry as the marketplace to buy and sell capacity and secures neXat’s exclusive satellite services suite for extending hub capabilities,” said SatADSL’s CEO Thierry Eltges. “Our unique business model justifies a unique name for our flagship platform, and this rebrand marks our territory in a rapidly evolving market as we expand our reach and services. We have added security, redundancy, and resiliency features to neXat with ESA backing, upped our tally of currently connected teleports to 22 with even more expected in the coming months offering Ku-, Ka-, and C-band globally, and expanded our global IP network architecture.”

neXat is a complete OSS/BSS in the cloud that acts as an intermediary platform between teleport and hub operators and the marketplace and offers its partners access to SatADSL’s network of resellers across four continents.

Access to SatADSL’s satellite aggregation services allow operators to get easy access to satellite capacity and teleport and hub infrastructure globally. It requires no additional infrastructure or capital investment. With neXat, teleport operators can offer multiple types of bandwidth management optimization services regardless of the technology used at their hub(s). Payment management services are available through a white-labelled Customer Management Tool (CMT). The platform’s pre-paid voucher system ensures that revenues are distributed to all parties quickly and securely.

For ISPs, neXat offers easy access to any kind of satellite services, at the best possible prices, and as a virtual operator lets them manage their network of customers without having to invest in infrastructure. Classical and Packaged satellite services, sold either through our multi-national network of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), or directly to end users.


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