May 17, 2023

neXat expands further East with KT SAT partnership

neXat has entered a partnership with KTSAT to offer the South Korean satellite operator a full suite of managed services and gain access to its coverage in Asia.

KT SAT – a subsidiary of KT Corporation and one of South Korea’s largest telecommunications companies – will use the neXat platform to increase its portfolio of services.

This includes vouchers and other quota-based services –such as Fair Use and Fair Access Policy (FAP and FUP) – that cannot be natively offered by an iDirect hub. This allows KT SAT to add new products to their existing portfolio of services.

“With this partnership, KT SAT will be able to provide a managed service for our customers in the region, especially Indochina and South East Asia. We hope to reach out to more service partners in local and remote locations through this platform.” said Daniel Kim, KT SAT’s Managing Director of Global and Maritime business.

neXat will benefit from the addition of another key satellite operator to its platform, expanding the coverage of capacity and portfolio of satellite services, that can be accessed by its partners.

neXat’s Senior VP -APAC, Rajeev Nair said: “We are delighted to add KT SAT to our list of esteemed partners. We’re seeing more and more satellite companies realize the benefit of the neXat platform and the services it offers while overcoming certain limitations with zero CAPEX. We look forward to building on this relationship and expanding further as more features on the neXat platform are likely to be developed as products for KT SAT.”

The partnership will use the Koreasat-5A satellite and iDirect technology on the Ku-band.

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