May 31, 2022

neXat empowers affordable satellite internet for Indonesian businesses

Enterprise and retail customers across Indonesia will be able to access new sources of reliable, affordable and cost-effective connectivity, thanks to the launch of a new suite of satellite services.

neXat is now offering satellite internet providers in the fourth most populous country dedicated capacity and contended services, as well as packaged services such as pre-paid vouchers based on time, volume or both. Also included are Fair Use Policy (FUP) services.

The services – available on neXat’s eponymous platform, which is also the world’s first satellite aggregation platform – will enable providers to offer their customers better and more cost-effective connectivity.

Rajeev Nair, neXat’s Sr.Vice President to the Asia-Pacific, said: “neXat has created a basket of services for the Indonesian market. These services are very competitive in price and ensure a high quality of service performance. Serving enterprise and retail businesses with our offering, customers will be able to subscribe for these cost-effective services, along with subsidised hardware to run the service.

“The Indonesian connectivity market is one of the fastest developing in the world, underpinned by a massive user demand for data services. This, combined with its archipelagic profile, means satellite should be firmly on the radar of connectivity providers delivering services to the country.”  

neXat is a capacity aggregation platform that acts as an intermediary between the teleport, hub operators and the marketplace. It offers its partners access to a network of resellers across five continents and operates as a Platform as a Service (PaaS)that offers a full suite of value-added services.

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