January 4, 2021

Launch of Satellite Services Across Sub-Saharan Africa

SatADSL is proud to announce the launch of its new robust satellite services available everywhere in Sub-Saharan Africa. The uniqueness of the SatADSL offer lies in the combination of high-quality services (with Service Level Agreements), low-cost equipment and low-cost subscription fees.

SatADSL provides broadband Internet access by satellite at data rates up to 4.096/256kbps, as well as VoIP and prioritized services for business-critical applications such as secured financial transactions.SatADSL uses the Sat3Play ACM technology, the state-of-the art solution to maximize continuity of service, even during heavy rains.

On top of this robust technology, SatADSL has developed a proprietary service platform offering full control to the local Partner-Distributors over their own customer base, including some Virtual Network Operation (VNO) capabilities. Thanks to the combined use of two complementary satellites (ASTRA 4A and T11N).

SatADSL covers now all Sub-Saharan countries.SatADSL offers the perfect Internet access solution for corporate and financial institutions, with flexible service packages, state-of-the-art equipment and a very attractive price-setting.

Make the digital divide a thing of the past

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