June 2, 2021

KenCast and SatADSL combine forces for content delivery

KenCast and SatADSL combine forces for content delivery

KenCastand SatADSL have combined forces to offer KenCast’s Fazzt content delivery solution on neXat,SatADSL’s cloud-based Platform as a Service (PaaS). The integrated solution provides the flexibility and simplicity of SatADSL’s neXat with the powerful content delivery capabilities of KenCast’s Fazzt product suite.

Digital communications channels (including satellite) are prone to errors.  A single missing or corrupt packet in an encrypted file can make the whole file unavailable and necessitate costly retransmission.   When failure is not an option, customers from Hollywood studios to the US Military, use KenCast’sFazztTM software to repair degraded data, re-order delayed data, and re-create deleted data.

Peace-of-Mind: KenCast’s patented software assure the highest level of broadcast reliability, in sunny or rainy weather, end-to-end, network to network, from capture by content provider right through to the end-user.

Economical:  You can reduce space segment costs significantly. You can deliver live streaming video or file content (VOD content ,firmware upgrades, etc.) so that, even with 5 to 10 minute outages, your end customer will experience no outage. (There is no required back channel, nor internet gateways).

KenCast are proud to serve the most demanding customers on the planet faced with the task of moving very large files to thousands of locations – across diverse industries including digital cinema, homeland security, news, maritime & avionics, retail, banking, media, business TV, distance learning and digital signage.

Please email to learn more about how the SatADSL-KenCast integrated solution will easily fulfil your content delivery needs reliably and cost-effectively so you can focus on other matters.


Headquartered in Norwalk, CT, KenCast is trusted by the Hollywood movie studios, military and government agencies, major TV & news networks, retail, financial and educational institutions, to provide fast, highly-secure, and ultra-reliable global delivery of their most crucial multimedia content via wireless &wire terrestrial, satellite, and mobile networks. 

KenCast supports more than 2,000 network applications worldwide (L, C, X, Ku, Ka bands; ATSC 3.0; LTE-B/5G, WiFi; CDNs and other IP networks) enabling end-to-end control for content owners to send files and live video streams to fixed sites as well as planes, trains, ships and cars so their customers can enjoy content anytime anywhere. 

 About SatADSL

SatADSL, founded in 2011, is an award-winning satellite service provider based in Brussels, Belgium, delivering innovative solutions worldwide to satellite operators, teleport & hub operators, government and enterprise bodies, and ISPs.

Active in 50 countries and already connected to more than 15 teleports and 25 satellites, in continuous expansion, SatADSL offers the world’s first satellite aggregation system, acting as a capacity broker connecting teleports with new customers and markets via its flagship neXat platform (formerly known as C-SDP).

Our PaaS offering, neXat, is a virtual OSS/BSS that allows teleport and hub operators to offer the full range of SatADSL’s value added services to their own clients and provides classical and packaged connectivity services through its network of ISPs or directly to end users. It is equipment agnostic and available in Ku, Ka and C Band.

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