January 4, 2021

Joining Talia to Expand Satellite Services

Good news for companies looking for satellite IP connectivity: SatADSL is expanding the geographical coverage of its satellite network while integrating new technology at the same time. SatADSL is cooperating with Talia to add the eighth satellite to its service package: the C-band Arabsat 5A.

When it comes to choosing satellite services, SatADSL has a simple philosophy: our company is vendor agnostic. This means we are not tied to the services of a specific satellite provider. We signed a partnership with Talia to offer our clients bandwidth over an eighth satellite, the Arabsat 5A.

The SatADSL Service Delivery Platform (SDP) technically allows us to connect to any kind of satellite system and with this new satellite we are increasing our satellite coverage—and offering new technology. SatADSL clients will now also have access to faster Internet connectivity.

On the technical side, this cooperation allows SatADSL to offer satellite services in C-band in addition to the already available Ka- and Ku-band frequencies. There are many advantages to using C-band frequencies: they can carry a large volume of communications; they are cheaper than Ka- and Ku-band frequencies; they offer more available bandwidth and higher connection speed; they are less sensitive to heavy rain fade.

This makes C-band satellite services better suited for large service providers and subscribers with large bandwidth requirements such as major hotels or military bases. Clients that need a fast Internet connection will also appreciate this service.

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