January 4, 2021

Introducing Our Service Delivery Platform

Until recently, SatADSL concentrated its efforts on its core business: providing satellite IP connectivity for end users through a network of Internet Service Providers (ISPs). SatADSL can now also offer ISPs and satellite operators a unique service, entirely designed by SatADSL: the Service Delivery Platform.

A few months ago, SatADSL launched an online Service Delivery Platform (SDP), specifically designed to respond to market demand. For SatADSL clients requiring customized network solutions, the platform offers two valuable features: a Network Management System (NMS) and a Customer Management Tool (CMT).

Network Management System (NMS)

The SatADSL NMS makes it possible to manage a VSAT network by implementing activities, methods, and procedures such as network monitoring. To offer its clients the best price, SatADSL is cutting bandwidth into various subscriptions with predefined, standard or value-added services. SatADSL also ensures flawless quality of service and constantly increases the available bandwidth.


The SatADSL NMS allows optimizing network performance by using traffic prioritization. In a military base, for example, HQ sending an email will have priority over service members downloading movies during their leisure time. Prioritization is equally important in other sectors such as banking.

Milti-user channels

The SatADSL solution allows for several users accessing the same channel at different time periods according to their specific needs.

This makes it possible to rationalize the bandwidth they buy from satellite operators. SatADSL clients only buy what they really need – neither too much nor too little!

Customer Management Tool (CMT)

The SatADSL CMT allows for managing the connection of each individual customer. The tool was designed by SatADSL and is made available free of charge as a web portal.

Complete information on customers

The SatADSL CMT allows clients, and more specifically Internet Service Providers, to have access to all the information related to their end-user customers: name, implementation site, subscription and billing type, bandwidth consumption, graph of Internet use, congestion, etc.

Automatic billing

One of the major features of the SatADSL CMT is the automation of the monthly billing process, taking into account the specificities of each customer.

Considering that billing is often a complex process, the SatADSL CMT is a real time-saving tool. An ISP customer can, for example, decide to suspend his subscription for a few days, reactivate it and use more volume than usual. Hence the advantage of automatic billing for ISPs requiring billing accuracy, customer management and a reduced risk of errors.

For satellite operators

The SatADSL CMT service is not only attracting ISPs, also satellite operators have become a client of SatADSL. The SatADSL SDP is an open platform that is connected to various satellite hubs operating in various frequency bands: C and Ku-band, and soon Ka-band. The platform can also handle different technologies: Newtec and soon iDirect, Hugues and Gilat.

As André Lopez of the SatADSL technical department explains: “Our CMT is unique: other satellite operators do not have it. This application allows our clients to manage multiple terminals and use several service providers on different satellites – and still have only one single access point and one single interface. We constantly work on this tool to keep it up-to-date and integrate it with the systems of every service provider and satellite operator.”

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