October 6, 2021

European Space Agency invites SatADSL to Dubai for award recognition

SatADSL has been recognised by a European Space Agency (ESA) competition for its contribution to the benefit of the continent’s economy.  

SatADSL, which finished second place in the Global Space Markets Challenge, will travel to Dubai for the 72nd International Astronautical Congress (IAC) to showcase the business and its unique offering.

Attending the event, running from 25–29 October2021, SatADSL will connect with the investor community, including sponsors of the competition Seraphim and Primo Space, and showcase its neXat platform.

The neXat platform is a cloud-based PaaS, acting as an aggregator for worldwide satellite capacity. The platform recently expanded to the maritime sector, as well as adding an eMarketplace to offer better and more capacity options for service providers.

SatADSL was recognised in the ‘Downstream’ category, which includes all activities based on space technology, or using a space-derived system in a space or non-space environment, that may result in an application, product or service to the benefit of the European economy or society.

The company will also receive a mentoring prize of €10,000 EUR to advance its internationalisation plans the opportunity to showcase its services in a virtual reality environment.

Hosted by Eurisy, a European non-profit association of more than 15 national space agencies and other organisations involved in space activities, the environment will be available online as well as through a virtual reality headset which will be used by Eurisy and ESA at international events and fairs.

ESA, in line with its Agenda 2025, set up the competition to grow and support European space-based businesses by improving their visibility and worldwide competitiveness to help them be part of opportunities in the global space market.

The competition was open to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises specialised in upstream and downstream activities in ESA Member States, Associate States and Canada wishing to extend their reach into international markets.

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