October 1, 2021

eMarketplace for satellite services offers choice, convenience & opportunity to global businesses

Satellite connectivity service providers will benefit from a straightforward choice of capacity options and access to new markets and advanced services thanks to the launch of a new eMarketplace from SatADSL today.

The eMarketplace is a one-stop-shop designed to simplify the process of choosing satellite services. It makes it easy for teleport operators, ISPs and end-users to purchase specific capacity and associated services depending on their own individual needs. SatADSL has launched the new electronic marketplace on its flagship neXat platform, a cloud-based, virtual OSS/BSS that also operates as a satellite aggregation platform. neXat acts as a connectivity broker connecting teleports with regional services providers.

SatADSL’s SVP of Business Development Guillermo Bosch said, “neXat is the go-to solution for satellite connectivity and it was important to us that we feature a streamlined Graphic User Interface for users to select services quickly and easily. We’re very pleased with the feedback we’ve received and with this new functionality we can improve access to satellite technology for everyone, regardless of their physical location, and remain true to our goal of boosting the business of satellite communication.”

Users can mark their desired location for a VSAT site on an interactive map and select their required frequency on a new intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI). From there, SatADSL’s eMarketplace displays the associated service packs and their optimal VSAT hardware configuration for the desired service level. Specific capacity and associated services can be specified through filters that show satellite coverage maps and help the service user to make an informed decision.

“SatADSL’s eMarketplace consolidates access to processes and information that had previously only been available through on-line forms or via electronic correspondence. An intuitive graphical interface allows users to search satellite services by coverage maps, services, and price, with a range of filters to highlight the solutions that are relevant to the customer’s specific needs”, added Mr. Bosch

neXat and SatADSL’s eMarketplace has, amongst other things, specific applications that extend to government use cases for the welfare of soldiers in remote areas and can facilitate communications that are essential for the morale and wellbeing of troops in the most diverse situations, helping to put military personnel in touch with their families.  

The eMarketplace is available to users through the neXat platform.

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