November 16, 2022

Civil security solutions from space with neXat

Communications systems are a critical tool for the prevention and response to civil security issues– and cybersecurity and ground technology providers are working hard to bring an intelligent Earth to Space infrastructure to reality.

This is the mission of an ESA-led proposal called Civil Security from Space and neXat is uniquely positioned to act as the orchestration platform needed to interconnect space and ground systems and services; existing, planned and future.

neXat is able to aggregate both the demand of governmental satellite communications and capacity of commercial satellite communications via its Pooling and Sharing System, providing the highest levels of security needed by military, corporate and governmental organizations around the world.

neXat has also been getting involved in civil security based events.

neXat's Caroline De Vos spoke at ESA Space Solutions' Space Industry Day today, talking about the theme of civil security from space. The event was a one-day workshop bringing together prospective users, industry stakeholders, and decision-makers from ESA Member States with an interest in enabling commercial solutions aligned with the objectives of the Civil Security from Space programme.

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