December 23, 2021

Building on a year of growth and innovation as we move into 2022

Dear, partners, customers, and colleagues,

Thank you for joining us on a year of development, change and growth. There’s no doubt that this year has been another of challenges for us all, with events cancelled and the ability to see each other face to face restricted.

And yet, we haven’t let these circumstances restrict our growth. This year we’ve undergone an exciting rebrand outlining our vision, enhanced our flagship neXat platform, and developed and strengthened new and existing partnerships.

Thank you for joining us on our 2021 journey and we look forward to growing with you into next year and beyond.

Creating a more interconnected world

As we move into a new year, we remain committed to making your world a more connected place. As the world around us changes in the blink of an eye, we remain flexible and forward-thinking.

We’re focused on continually developing our platform and offerings to benefit teleport and hub operators, satellite operators, government and defence, and ISPs – and being your local continent-to-continent satellite services provider.

neXat goes from strength to strength

Our unique position in the market as the aggregator of high-end satellite services and as a capacity marketplace has been solidified in 2021.

The launch of our eMarketplace introduced a one-stop-shop designed to simplify the process of choosing satellite services, making life easier for teleports, ISPs and end users.

We’ve also expanded our services to cater for new markets, including the growing maritime sector.

Our rebrand has cemented our identity as the market’s disruptors, and we’ll continue to enhance the platform next year – and disrupt the traditional high-CAPEX world of satellite.

Added security & resilience for governmental and corporate users

In 2022, we will be working to further develop the security and resilience of our platform.

With backing from the European Space Agency (ESA), we have already given government agencies and corporates the confidence they need for projects and operations. This has also enabled us to better serve high-end satellite service businesses and give a competitive advantage to teleports.

We’ll continue this important work next year as we expand and strengthen our capabilities.

Partnerships & global expansions

We’ve seen the importance of access to connectivity – from schools and communities to workers on cargo ships – no more sharply than over the last couple of years.

In 2021 we’ve helped service providers in Africa and North America better choice of satellite network thanks to our partnership with Orbital Connect. We also teamed up with Supernet, a Pakistan-based provider, to empower its move beyond its home country to offer global service offerings via the neXat platform.

The momentum will continue in 2022 as we expand our bandwidth offering and connect to even more teleports and satellites.

From all of the SatADSL team, we wish you a very happy holiday and a wonderful New Year. We can’t wait to connect with you in 2022.

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